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Antropologie Inspired Yoyo Clip by Dearest Kaitlyn

Remember my previous tutorial post on a Fabric Yoyo Bobby Pin? This time round, instead of getting the fabric yoyo from Daiso, I decided to gather my own fabric and make the yoyo instead.

While I was doing my usual accessories making stuff shopping at Chinatown. I spotted this amazing fuss free yoyo maker from one of the shelves in Golden Dragon, a store that sells anything you need from knitting to crafting and to fabric. 🙂 Definitely one of my must go store if I were to shop for crafting items. 🙂

There are four sizes to choose from: small, medium, large and extra large. I chose the large. Just a little size bigger than the Daiso’s yoyos.

This time round, I have gotten my inspirations from here:

{Source: Anthropologie}

For this tutorial, I decided to leave the sewing to my little girl, Kaitlyn. On and off, she picks up sewing skills from Granny and she was so happy to join in my crafting hobby. 🙂

What you need:

  • A ‘quick’ Yoyo Craft Maker
  • Some fabric
  • needle and thread
  • Embellishedments such as ribbons, lace or buttons
  • Clippy clip

Let’s check out the maker.

It’s pretty self explanatory. Place the cloth in between the two pieces of yoyo maker, then I helped Kaitlyn to cut around the maker leaving about 3mm allowance. The yoyo maker has many holes and all Kaitlyn had to do was to pick up the needle and thread, did a running stitch around the maker. While she did that, she had to be constantly reminded to push in the protuding cloth while sewing.

After she had finished sewing a round the maker, she removed the fabric from the maker and I helped her to pull the thread to gather it into a yoyo. I finished it up with a knot. Kaitlyn then chose the embellishments that she liked. She wanted the silver ribbon to go with the purple button for her friend, Emma and herself while pink button for Ulrica.

Slowly, she attached the ribbons and buttons to the yoyo with my help. Help must be rendered while using the hot glue gun. 🙂

Below is how they look when they were done.

Instead of bobby pins, Kaitlyn prefered the clippy clip. I squeezed the hot glue onto the back of the yoyo and she attached it to the clip.

She was so proud of her work. Presents to you Kaitlyn in her handmade version of ‘Antropologie’ Fabric Yoyo Clip. 🙂

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Fabric Yo-Yo Bobby Pins Tutorial

A fussfree and no-sew tutorial for mummies who want to make something special for your children. 🙂


  • Glue gun
  • Yo-yo fabric (from Daiso)
  • vintage buttons
  • bobby pins

I bought the yoyo fabric from Daiso. You can choose a bigger size for adults. I chose the small size which is about 3cm with the thought of making the bobby pins for children.

Grab a button and using the cutter, remove the protuding part of the button.

Dab some glue from the glue gun onto the back of the vintage button.

Then glue the button on the gathered part of the yoyo fabric.

When it’s done. Put the yoyo fabric aside and dab some glue on the bobby pin.

Stick the bobby pin to the center of the yoyo fabric as shown.

Yippeee…. now the bobby pin is completed. Easy peasy!!!

Create using different designs of yoyo fabrics. Add other embellishments such as ribbons or feathers with vintage buttons for other trendy looks.

Have fun!!!

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