POLW – Aye! Aye! Captain!

Been to Port of Lost Wonder many times. Love the sun, the smiles of the children, the running, the shouting….. Just love everything that is part of the nature. Situated at Sentosa Palawan Beach, the location is walking distance from the  Beach carpark. The moment, I entered the area, soft breeze from the sea caressed my face while I screamed at my children not to run. They went crazy the moment they saw the pirate ship. So glad that the weather stayed that way throughout the day we were there.  Lazing under the coconut trees looking at the fluffy clouds on azure sky , sitting on the white washed benches to watch children sliding from the colourful slides or joining them in the water play, getting myself wet, were just part of my plans.

We reached there early, hoping to grab a good spot. There was already a queue at the entrance. As it was a weekend, crowd was expected. Love the way payment is taken. Adults go in free with a hug from their kids. 🙂 Melts my heart. POLW entrancePicture perfect with the cannons

The kiddos each received a bag of curios and a Port Pass. Every day, there are series of games and activities throughout the day which the kiddos can use the curios to pay for. From the moment it opens at 10am to it closes at 6.30pm, activities vary from treasure hunting, planting and bubble party. Weekends’ activities are far more interesting than weekdays. 🙂

The main attraction is the Pirate Ship and the only place where my two children would spend most of their time at. They can run up the stairs and down the slides umpteen times, not feeling the slighest bit of weary. Well, I enjoyed myself too but definitely had to take turns with Jonathan to entertain kids.Pirate Ship side viewsafety rules

Though the planting area and bubble party were very enticing, the children were not keen. They still prefered to stay at the water area. Kids love water and especially when they get splashed with!!!planting and bubble partyplay area 2water play area1

There is a picnic area where we can prepare our own food. Since, we did not have picnic in mind, we did not prepare any food. There is one and only cafe, Port Belly, that serves savoury food. Kids meals are a must. We ordered children’s favourite, hot dogs set meal, and they waited patiently with their rumbling tummies. Our tag number is 10! Big and promninent! Very soon, the waiter dressed in pirates costumes served the food to us. Children gobbled the food so that no time was wasted to continue their play.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPort Belly

This is definitely a place where kids can play to their hearts content. I must admit that the management is very thoughtful. The toilets cubicles are equipped with hot and cold showers. The day ended with a warm shower with another blast from the rain showers after being in the cold the whole day. Definitely will set foot on this place again. 🙂



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