Before CNY – Hair and Meet-up

Though not working full-time, I feel busier but happier. Life is not so hectic. It has became more mundane but fruitful. Jon is happy, Kaitlyn is happy and I have the full evening to accompany Kaiden. The only setback…. I have to work on Sat.

All mornings are now spent with Kaitlyn, helping her with work and enjoying our bonding time.

My house looks neater with my daily vacuuming and packing in the morning.

Sometimes, I will even get to do some laundry. All my work starts in the afternoon after I have sent Kaitlyn to school. Shorter and more flexibility in my working hours leave me more time to treat myself better. (Well, I will not be sure for the coming few weeks when more workshops are confirmed.)

A haircut is one of the ways. I love to walk out of the salon knowing that I looked great. That definitely brightens up my day. That day, I had a workshop and almost wanted to give up my slot which my sister has booked for me in Dec. I was so glad that my stylist, John from SalonVim, accommodated to my schedule of completing my whole haircut experience within 1.5 hours. Initially, wanted to touch up my roots but was not able to due to time constraints. In the end, did a Redken cocktail treatment followed by a trim.


Some thought I repermed my hair but nope… I didn’t. John layered my hair with the perm I did in June last year. With their professional blow dry, thus the permed effect. Totally love it when I left the salon. 🙂


313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09

My second way of treating myself better with is food. I have a food buddy,. Ms Yan. 🙂 She never fails to bring me to patronise good food but this time round, I recommended her. As it was Ms Yan’s birthday month, I suggested to her the highly raved Koh Sushi Bar and Grill at Wisma. Located on the same level as Food Republic, I never expect to find good sushi. We had a good time commenting on the food and deep conversations about our lives. She is such good company to be with. 🙂

Below are what we ordered and my personal opinions.

chawanmushiChawanmushi: A must have for me in every Japancese restaurant thus no comments on this.


Beef Fillet: The beef fillet is nice but not the kind that oooo me; however, I like the crispy stuff on top of the fillet. Tasted like fried lard to me.


Gyoza: Something that I will strike off from my list. The taste is bland and I think it would be better off trying other recommended stuff.


Cold Tofu w Pidan: This is heaven. Love, Love, Love this. The combination is wonderful. Must order.


Finally the legendary highly raved, Shiok Maki: Does not give that WOW feeling but I must say, it tastes really shiok with the flying fish roe bursting in my mouth. Must order.

My advice is to go with a bigger group, then you can try other makis on the menu. There are a few recommended ones. Would like to try their crappy maki. 🙂 Try to be there early. That day, we met at about 6pm. The restaurant was quite empty but queue started to form when it’s about 7pm.


Wisma Atrium #04-21


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