My New Hideout

Life is returning back to the days as a SAHM without Jonathan. Got 2 weeks of holidays to spend time with the kids but the days do not seem to be a lot after counting them. Late nights of crafting… and so much more time in the day to play with the children and blog. 🙂

Last Friday, I visited MAAD at the Red Dot Museum again. I love the atmosphere there especially with all the crafty and arty people around. 🙂 I reached MAAD at about 5.30pm when the stalls owners were still busy setting up their display.

I strolled around with my camera exploring more of the place. The last time I went was with the kiddos. They were practically running around the museum. 🙂

The pamphlets were randomly scattered in a wooden box.

Some of the interesting things I found.

And there were portrait drawing after dark. The personnels were still setting up the chairs and lighting.

Actually my main purpose there was to attend the Crafty Party organized by Jasmine from Gift Wrapsody. She will be my new craft supplier for bezel charm and glass cabochon. 🙂

Remember my name charm necklace collection?

The charms were sealed with glaze and I had to keep on redoing some of them as there were too many bubbles presented during the curing period. The process was long and usually took a day or two for them to dry up as well. 😦 Jasmine offers me a good alternative to fast and pretty customised charms.

I love craft parties but there isn’t many in Singapore (or I was unaware of). It is quite common in the US though. It is an opportunity for me to meet other crafters and to share each other’s knowledge.

And…. what have I done at the Party?

Cufflinks for Jonathan and a ring painted with nail polish for myself. 🙂 I enjoyed myself tremendously. Hope there will be more craft parties for sharing. 🙂


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