Our First VW Event: Golf GTI 35th Birthday

Last Friday, the family was invited to the very first Volkswagen event. Usually, we will not go for these types of events but knowing that Karen is going, Jon and I decided to join in the fun. It was also a time to gather with other VW owners.

The moment we reached the venue, a fleet of VW cars was being directly to the parking space. What amazed me was the parking space was literally filled with VW cars of different models and I never expect so many people would turn up for the event.

Phototaking at the entrance is a must. Photographers were there to take pictures and cars show models were there to standby in case you are alone. 🙂 So excited when I collected the palaroid pics.

The moment we stepped into the event hall, wine and champagne welcomed us. NO alcohol for children. 🙂 Servers serving finger food while waiting for the event to start. Kiddos had a whole lot of pop corns, cotton candy and hotdogs on that night.

The whole fleet of GTIs that were showcased on that night, from the very first generation to date. 🙂

Our VW buddy, Karen. She was the one who informed us on the invites before the invitation card reached our mailbox.

All the car show models getting ready for the six generations Golf GTIs to roll out from the backstage. MC for that day was Jamie Yeo, pretty as usual. 🙂

There are a few booths catered to us while waiting for the event to start. The manicure and tattoo booths for adults and the jumping castles for the children. There was a movable magic performer for the children.

Kaiden did his tattoo while Kaitlyn queued up for her manicure. Probably, they didn’t realise that there are jumping castles at the children’s section. The queue for the manicure was really long and the colours available were only red, black and white. The colour theme for the event.

The ‘gianomous’ Golf GTI cake and we actually sang ‘Happy Birthday’ song. LOL

Kaitlyn posing with her newly manicured fingers and the newly launched VW Golf GTI. She then proceeded to test her driving skills which was totally cannot make it. LOL!!!

Half way through, Jon took over the wheels.

We ended the day with the goodie bags and food queue. The food queue was so long. I didn’t have any appetite due to my flu. Jon took the GTI burger and gave a thumbs up for that burger.

Thank you Volkswagen for inviting us to the party. 🙂


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