Fun, Laughter, Peace and Joy

On Saturday, while some of you are still tucked in the comfy bedsheets, my family and I agreed to join Jonathan’s family for a family day out organised by brother-in-law’s company. There were so many family gatherings over the weekend. Just love gatherings!!!!

Meet up place was the Flyer and we went for a river cruise supposedly followed by a senic view on the flyer capsule. The family decided to postpone the flyer to another day when FIL could join us. 🙂

Breakfast was great thanks to Jamie and Victor for taking the initiative fearing that the children and us would go hungry. 🙂

It was my first time attending a Family Day outing organised by a company. Actually it was quite fun. BIL’s company was really nice to think of many activities for the children. One of them was the face painting. Too bad, Kaitlyn and I only found out after we were on our way to board the boat. Kaitlyn and Kaiden could only stare at other children getting their paintings done. 😦  Nevertheless, the children managed to get some balloons sculptured, Kaitlyn with a pink poodle and Kaiden with an orange sword.

That day was pretty hot. Glad that we could enjoy the breeze on the river cruise. Poor Karyn, got to endure the glaring sun but soon her grouchy face turned into pretty smiles once she was on the boat. 🙂 Cutie Pie!!!

Kaitlyn could not wait to take a picture with Cutie Pie too. 🙂

It was not the first time on a boat ride. But the slow boat ride on the river of Singapore allowed me to slow down my pace and take a clear view of Singapore’s achievements. Kaiden quieten down for a moment to enjoy the scenery as well.

and in deep thoughts…. Wondering what he was thinking. 🙂

I love the scenery. It was my first time looking at Singapore from another point of view, on a boat. Maybe it was morning, there were not many people and cars around. Love the serenity. 🙂

Fullerton Hotel … Boat Quay…

How could Jonathan and I not have a picture?

Spotted Jamie and the children. What are they pointing at?

Jamie trying to introduce the significiant landmarks in Singapore. Oh… she was telling the children about the majestic Merlion.

Spotted the kite making section when we walked towards the amphitheatre. Kaitlyn and Kaiden wanted to make their own kites and they got to decorate their kites themselves. They were really serious about their work. 🙂

Kaitlyn could not wait to fly her kite. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get the kite up. LOL

Kaiden was really proud to show off his kite. 🙂

The children and I had a wonderful time. Thanks to Gerald aka BIL for inviting us to the Family Day. Though we had to get up really early on a Saturday, I enjoyed every moment of the sun and with my family members. Compared to having the children at home being crouch potatoes, I think this is so much more fun and educational. 🙂 


For those who are waiting for the giveaway, sorry for the delay. Been really busy over the weekends with the gatherings. 🙂

Watch out for the next post in the next 1 hour. 🙂


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