Fabric Yo-Yo Bobby Pins Tutorial

A fussfree and no-sew tutorial for mummies who want to make something special for your children. 🙂


  • Glue gun
  • Yo-yo fabric (from Daiso)
  • vintage buttons
  • bobby pins

I bought the yoyo fabric from Daiso. You can choose a bigger size for adults. I chose the small size which is about 3cm with the thought of making the bobby pins for children.

Grab a button and using the cutter, remove the protuding part of the button.

Dab some glue from the glue gun onto the back of the vintage button.

Then glue the button on the gathered part of the yoyo fabric.

When it’s done. Put the yoyo fabric aside and dab some glue on the bobby pin.

Stick the bobby pin to the center of the yoyo fabric as shown.

Yippeee…. now the bobby pin is completed. Easy peasy!!!

Create using different designs of yoyo fabrics. Add other embellishments such as ribbons or feathers with vintage buttons for other trendy looks.

Have fun!!!

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