Who Says Headbands Are Only for Children?

I am so excited when one of my favourite bloggers, Ashley of LittleMissMomma, decided to set up the headbands challenge for people like me and others who do not wear headbands at all and for those who are headbands addicts. 🙂

I don’t know whether is it the culture or the fashion sense of Singaporeans. I don’t really see people walking around with their headbands on. The most common ones would be those simple hair bands where we use to push up our messy fringes. I always use that when I was in Secondary School to avoid being caught by the discipline master for my long fringe. LOL

Fanciful headbands are always thought to be for babies and little children. I would always comment about being how cute they are when them in one. Come to think of it, if the headbands are on me, wouldn’t it be too over? All righty! Now I am going to ignore what others would be commenting. I think is the self-consciousness that is preventing me from wearing it out. 😦 Who says adults can’t wear headbands? 

Ashley has given me another perspectives when she shared with her readers the different ways of wearing headbands. 🙂 Not owning any headbands and wants to take up the challenge, I resorted to making them with the excuse of National Day approaching. (Singapore National Day’s main colours are red and white) 🙂 I am sure my little girl Kaitlyn would be so excited to have those headbands adding to her accessories collection. 🙂

To start off… this is me! In my usual attire for sending and fetching my children. 🙂 and I am going to add these handmade headbands on my head. 🙂

First, Kaitlyn’s favourite. The three rosette flowers headbands which she feels that it looks like Mickey Mouse silhouette and she is going to wear it on the school’s National Day Celebration. 🙂

Next is my personal favourite. 🙂 So far comments from my SIL and friend that this is not as nice as the one above. 🙂

How about this one? The Polka Dot flower ruffles.

Using the same crafting method, I made another one with chiffon to gain that fluffy feel. 🙂

With some leftover lace… I crafted this beautiful jade green fabric flower. 🙂

Wanna see more ways in wearing headbands? Head over to LittleMissMomma’s headband link party. Many are sharing their own ways of wearing their headbands. 🙂

Hmmm… so anyone would like to comment which one looks best on me? 🙂



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6 responses to “Who Says Headbands Are Only for Children?

  1. Those headbands are super cute..
    I am actually having a super cute hair accessory giveaway now at my blog. make sure to enter for your chance to win.

  2. I think they look great! I really love the lace on and the felt one. Simple yet pretty!

  3. kristen

    i agree with your favorite – LOVE IT!! all of them look cute on you though. I would definitely wear any of them out! You go girl for being bold and putting your self consciousness behind you! And who says headbands aren’t for adults? 🙂

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