Old MacDonald Has A Farm

It is very difficult to find a farm in Singapore which resembles the farm Old MacDonald has. Imagine a barn with farm animals loitering around… which Kaiden asked me when he reached the Farmart. “Mummy, where is the barn?” Kaiden’s school has arranged to go for a field trip to the farmart as they were studying about farm animals. Kaiden was so looking forward to the trip but a disappointment when he couldn’t see the barn.

Every field trip, I would get my sister to be volunteer since she is having her holidays. I needed her cos usually Kaitlyn would join Kaiden and I for such trip.

My feelings when I reached there was, where is the farm? All I could see were little shops selling things from eggs to honey to party stuff. Weird to call it a farm. Nevertheless, the children got Uncle William, a funny owner of ‘Uncle William’ to do a presentation to the children on fowls.

Uncle William owns a chicken farm, sells chickens, quails and eggs to restaurants. I learnt a lot from his presentations such as life cycle of chicken, how to choose fresh eggs and the different types of fowls. Maybe it’s too boring for little children. I could tell from my own children. LOL they ended up taking photos with each other.

Most of the children got really fidgety and Uncle William had to speed up his presentation. 🙂 He then took us to walk around the farmart. Okay! Finally, we saw a farm animal. A ‘GOAT’! The children were then super duper excited cos they were going to feed the goat. 🙂

I wonder how much the goat eats a day with about 40 children feeding just one goat. I hope the goat didn’t suffer from overeating that day. 🙂

Seems like Anne never misses the chance to take a picture with Kaiden now. 🙂

Don’t know since when Kaitlyn does not like to take pictures anymore. She must be decently dressed before she allows herself to be in front of the camera. 🙂 Should I call that vain? LOL

As for Kaiden, he is always ready to be picture perfect in front of the camera. Anytime, any place. 🙂


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