Family is….

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I am so glad that I have my family all so near to me. My parents are just staying a few levels above us. Jonathan’s parents are just living about 10 mins drive away from us.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we, together with other siblings of Jonathan’s make an effort to be back in my in laws’ place for dinner. Every Saturdays and Sundays would be lazing days at my parent’s place.

Help is readily available from everyone in baby sitting. Both of our siblings are so willing to fork out their precious time to help take care of my two children when Jonathan and I needed time out. The best thing is that they never say no and would be most happy to do it. 🙂

What triggered me to write this blog was the day before, Kaiden came back home, asked for a paper and said that he wanted to draw a family. After trying for some time, he gave up and he drew this.

I was really amazed what a three year old could imagine and drew.

He tried again on another paper. Drawings became smaller but still could not be able to draw a family. I could feel his effort on wanting to complete the task. So in the night, I told Kaitlyn about what his brother wanted to do and she decided to help him. He sat beside his sister and watched. I did not know what she would draw until she told me she completed the picture of a family. I was amazed and touched when she included members of the extended family instead of just the four of us. She patiently explained to us who the people in the picture represented.

The only part I was curious about was the weather. I asked her why was it a rainy day? She just smiled. I then asked why were other members not included?

The next day, she invited me to her room again before she sleeps.

Bottom row (L to R): Jamie, Victor, Jonthan (Daddy), Anna (myself), Kaitlyn, Kaiden
Middle row (L to R): Granny, Grandpa, Gerald, Xueli carrying Karyn
Top row (L to R): Grandmother, Grandfather, Anne, Andrew, Angie (hiding in the house)


She smiled to me and said this time round, she drew everyone into the picture including Hazel (Jamie’s dog which is hiding in the little kennel on the bottom right hand corner). It was a sunny day and everyone was enjoying ice-cream.


Source: via Anna on Pinterest


Though Jonathan and I are brought up differently, we have learnt to accept and accomodate to our families’ differences and personalities to keep our families together cos we know that at the end of the day, those who will not leave us in the lurch are our families. 🙂

Source: via Anna on Pinterest


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