Crafting and Beading Thirst!!!

I want to satisfy my thirst. I want more creative juices.

Wonder when my ideas will be running out?

I want to organise my ideas. Too many thoughts and ideas make me want to try everyone of it.

I want more pairs of hands to explore different types of crafting and beading techniques.

I want more time so that I can put my ideas into reality.


 What did I create this time round? This time round, a few of my friends expressed interests in stuff for the little ones. I was so happy to extend my love to younger generation. 🙂

Candy told me that Victoria likes the pink flower very much from my previous blog on Flower Galore. I was really happy and can’t wait to share my product with her.

It was Karyn’s baby showers over the weekend. To match the hot pink dress we bought for her as a gift, I created the headband as shown above. Just too bad that the headband was a little too loose on her. Got to re-adjust the circumference to fit her head. 🙂

Jamie’s friend, Gina, wanted something for her two little nieces. Something different from my past creation, I added vibrant and colours to these two pairs of earrings. Hoping that they will be more suited to children of ages 7-15. 🙂


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