Relationship or Marriage? Ain’t not expert!!! Part 2

Continuing from previous’ post. Too many quotes for me to share and comment. Do you like the quotes? More to come. 🙂

第十二集 感恩她把我們的婚姻變成不完美。Episode 12 – So thankful that ‘she’ has made our marriage not perfect.

Sometimes when a marriage is too perfect, something is bound to happen. Therefore, when a rock hits the marriage, the couple will reflect on a lot of things, their love for each other, are they still the same as before? Then it will be another learning process for each.

挽回老公的心,保護我的家,我要忘記,全部都忘記,為了萌萌、為了我的家。To retrieve husband’s heart and protect my home, I chose to forget everything for the sake of the child and the family.

So typical of a housewife. I think if it were in my case, that would be the first thing to do, to pretend nothing happens as long as the husband comes home. But is that really what I will do and what will most woman do? When a needle is in the heart, it must be removed to ease the pain, isn’t it? Moreover with the high qualifications of a woman lately, supporting a family is no longer an issue. :). The issue would be how well can the child take it.

第十三集 比外遇更可惡的,是欺騙!Episode 13 – What is scarier than marital affairs, it is cheating!

Come to think of it, if the man just has an affair, return home, nothing happens, it’s cool. If the man has an affair, comes home, create more and more lies to cover the affair. That’s so not cool. Totally unforgiving!

如果我們兩個之間,只剩下責任、尊重,那也許就不是愛了。If the marriage / relationship is only left with responsibility and respect, then it’s probably no longer love.

I am totally in love with this statement and I think is true to some point. It is a lot of responsiblities and respect, to the family, to children, to friends and to each other. I am sure a lot of the marriages are only held on by these two aspects. Sad but I totally agreed that many marriages are moving along this line. When was the last time your husband showed you the concern? When was the last time your husband bought you something? When was the last time your husband spent quality time with you? When was the last time your husband has showered a compliment? Lastly, when was the last time your husband has tried to ease your load? Oh my… I am moving into the five languages of love. Hmmm wonder what my language of love is?

 Quotes from Episode 14

也許我並不是那麼失敗,也許再苦的生活中,還是會有甜美的時刻。也許甜美的時刻,我不需要等別人給我,我能自己去創造。I may not be such a failure, no matter how bitter life is, there will still be some sweet memories. These sweet memories, I do not need someone to give me for I can create it myself.

So life is sweet, future is sweet too if we learn how to create our own sweet memories. 🙂 I like it.

Quote from episode 15

對不起算什麼交代!Saying sorry is not a way to account matters.

Yea. I like this too. So what if I kept saying sorry. It does not make any difference and it does not solve the problem. It is only a way to end the problem hoping that it will not resurface.

Quote from Episode 16

最好的報復,就是成功!The best revenge is to be successful.

 How many of us can be successful? LOL!!

Quote from episode 17

嫉妒已經使你更醜了 Jealousy has already made you uglier.

Who has never been jealous? I feel that if being jealous and just let that bad feeling dies off, that’s fine. But if one is jealous and does things to hurt the person who is causing it, then it’s really ugly.

Quote from episode 18

我拼命在想,他還愛不愛我?他為什麼不愛我?為什麼離開我?可是我從來沒有想過,要問自己,我還愛他嗎?She kept thinking if her husband still loves her? Why he does not love her? Why he wants to leave her? But it has never occur to her if she still love him

Okay, at this point of time, the protagonist finally straightened out her thoughts. Totally, when something happens, why do we always want to put ourselves as the victims. Turn the table around, ask ourselves if we are the victims? Overly concerned about how people treat us, ask ourselves how we treat others.

Quote from episode 19

我為什麼要讓那些傷害我的人繼續控制我,讓他們影響我的心情,讓他們破壞我的快樂,甚至扭曲我的性格。Why do we want to let those people who hurt us control us, affect our mood and let them destroy our happiness and even changed our character?

The potagonist has changed her outlook hoping to seduce back her husband only then to realise that she is not the person she used to be. Stop sticking in the mud if you are one. The people who hurt us may be enjoying their good times; therefore, we must show them we can live our lives to fullest by being ourselves.

當我眼睛只有盯著目標的時候,通常會忽略身邊的人事物。When we are only focusing on one thing, we tend to neglect those things around us.

 Sometimes to reach the target, we would need to scarifice some things. Step back sometimes to see the big picture would be one way of meeting the target without hurting other people’s feeling. 🙂

Quote from Episode 21

當你對一個女人說你愛她的時候,她就是你的責任了!你就有那個責任保護她,不要讓她受傷。When a guy pledges to a woman that he loves her, she has inevidently became your responsiblity. It is therefore also your responsibility to protect her and make sure that she doesn’t get hurt.

 To all the men, think before you pledge. Telling a woman, ‘I Love You’ is definitely more than what it takes.

Quote from episode 22

是你老婆對你的愛,才讓你在外面風度翩翩;是你老婆對你的愛,才讓你在外面自信滿滿、走路有風。It is your wife’s love that let you looked handsome and swift. It is your wife’s love that let you filled with confidence that even when you walk, there would be breeze.

I am so in love with this quote even it may not be true. I just find it really hilarious. Nice compliment for all the wives.

Finally quotes from last episode and there are many nice ones that I like.

我希望妳一定要記住別人對你的好,不要記住別人對你的不好。I hope that you will remember the good way people treat you and not the bad.

Life is like that, we will always remember all the bad things that people do to us and usually deeply etched in our memories for many many years. Take time to recall the same person, I am sure he or she has also done many good things to us. 🙂

我們不是婚姻的附屬品,反而婚姻只是我們人生的一部份而已。We are not an accessories to our marriage. Instead, marriage is only part of our life.

Marriage is a process that most people will go through and for those who chose not to go through this process, they are also feeling happy and enjoying their lives to their fullest. 🙂

愛是什麼?其實愛就是願意許下承諾,而且決心一定要做到。What is love? Actually love is willing to make the vow (wedding vows) and commit to it.

Hmmm I can’t even remember my wedding vows. For those who can’t too. Let me do a recollection…

“Will you, __________________ take this woman/ man  ______________ to be your wedded wife / husband, to live together in the legal estate of matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honour and keep her in sickness and in health and forsaking all others, be faithful to her, so long as you both shall live?”

I believe that during the vows, everyone pledged earnestly. I am glad I am going through the vows again. For those who have forgotten, look through once more and silently said ‘I will’ to rekindle your love. 🙂

With all the quotes, have your reflected on your relationships or marriage? I definitely have. Never take a wonderful marriage for granted. Even a good man will have a change of heart, may be the same case for woman. (All right, I sound dejected. LOL Of course, my man is not doing it.) However, from a failed marriage, each must have learnt or gained something. I remembered the protagonist said, “I am glad that I have left my husband now, imagine what would happen if when we are old and on his death bed, he is calling out the other girl’s name while holding my hands, then I would really be devastated.” 

So did the husband and wife in the show got together in the end? I thought they would when the ex-husband seeked for her forgiveness. Who knows, her statement was, “But, I can’t go back to the past” totally dashed the ex-husband’s hopes. So what exactly happened? 🙂 Another man has entered her life. 🙂



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