Flowers Galore

I have been insane with fabric flowers lately. Looking at the beautiful pictures of newborn with lovely gigantic hairbands and little hats, I could not resist having my hands work out a few for Karyn, my new born niece.

I searched the net for fabric flowers and was amazed by the amount of tutorials shared all over the WWW. With that, I selected a few which I thought was quick easy for a new crafter like me. 🙂

I started off with fake fabric flowers which I thought was the easiest. In love with Gerberas, I chose a both subtle and vibrant colours. I dismantled all the petals and reconstructed them using needle and thread.

Was really happy when I managed to complete 2 of the flowers. That actually motivated me to do me. Wanted something dainty for Karyn, I decided to try out HeartMadeBlog‘s fabric flower. A little pink flower was made with little fresh water pearls and rhinestone.

I had to be really careful with the candle light while burning the edges. Edges shrinked really fast and there was an angle that I must hold so that the edges curved in nicely.

Lastly, I love the beautiful rose bareetes found in PurlBee. I made some for Karyn as well as Kaitlyn. It was fun looking how little pieces of felt can form such beautiful accessories. Sewing for the first and second piece was a little raw. As I moved on to complete the third piece, I roughly knew which part of the fabric I should poke my needle in and out. Needle work was then a little more systematic and neater. 🙂

These tutorials are great finders and I love every bit of the flowers that I have made. I can’t wait to make more or to search for more fabric tutorials. 🙂 I love these flowers and hope Karyn will too. Can’t wait to see her in any of the flowers. 🙂


I actually added little button studs at the back of each flower and on the hat so that Mummy can change the flowers according to the baby’s dressing. 🙂

For the fun of it, I am linking this blog up with the fabulous blogs listed below.

Have a great Tuesday. 🙂

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2 responses to “Flowers Galore

  1. These are all so pretty! I love the light pink one best. So cute and feminine

    I’d love for you to link this up to my link party, Your Whims Wednesday!

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