EverydayShopper will be having a GSS. After the arrival of my niece, Karyn, things seem to come to a standstill. Everyone in the family is so excited that we did not want to do any proper stuff. LOL. Our minds are just, “when’s going to be my turn to carry her? Who is first and who is next? Don’t cut queue?” That is really the joy of having a new addition to the family. I have had the honor of bringing her out for sunbathing yesterday afternoon due to her slight jaundice. She is so lovely. The walking from home to park made her all drowzy and sleepy. Looking at her makes me feel like having another baby at home. Quick! Give me a big knock on my head!! I got to be practical. LOL My two are already driving me crazy at home.

Okay, back to ES. Finally, we are updating. Instead of new collections, we will be having the greatest sales.

Yes, you are not wrong. Prices start from as low as $5 for our old collections. Remember to check back on everydayshopper later in the evening for chic buys. 🙂 Time to be confirm again once I get a thumbs up from our webdesigner, Victor. 🙂

Sales will start on 16th June at 4pm.


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