Relationship or Marriage? Ain’t not expert!! Part 1

I am no expert in managing a marriage. I always believe that what is yours is yours. If it’s not yours… no matter how much effort you put in, it will still slip away. But of course, we still need to put in effort to maintain a relationship, regardless is marriage, family or friendship.

I finished watching the serial The Shrewd Wife aka The Fierce Wife, 犀利人妻 and actually stir up a lot of thoughts with their meaningful quotes.

The story is about a woman’s 10 years marriage which is wrecked by her cousin whom she graciously invited her to stay in her place. Her husband has a marital affair with the wife’s cousin despite having a good wife and a daughter. The most ironic part is the wife treats the cousin extremely well. Simply ridiculous but it may also happen in real life. The story also reveals how a typical housewife reformed herself to be a confidence and strong woman after the husband left her. So what if it’s a failed marriage? There is still a learning process to it. 🙂

Personally, I like the quotes from the show and some are very inspiring. In every episode, there is  a quote to the story. I would love to share some of my favourites with you. Hope I could do a good job on the translations. Translation is based on my disgression. You may agree or disagree to my thoughts.

第一集 婚姻就像是顆水餃Episode 1 – Marriage is like a dumpling.

1) 你看這個餃子,就是因為這個餃子皮可以好好包容這餃子餡,它們才可以緊緊的結合在一起,等一下這餃子還要丟到開水裡面,煮啊滾啊燙啊,最後才可以變成一個香噴噴又白胖胖最好吃的餃子。It is the dumpling skin that holds all the ingredients tightly together and when we put the dumpling into the water to boil, it will then become a fragrance and platable dumpling.

Using the dumpling as metaphor to marriage. The dumpling skin is like us, we got to hold on tight and accomodate to our similarities and difference, only then will present a wonderful marriage.

2) 結了婚的男人最重要的是什麼?是良心啊。What is the most important for a marriage man? It is conscience.

 Man, I think even if you want to have another woman outside, please be kind enough to think about the woman and your children at home.

第二集 痛!並快樂著。Episode 2 – Eventhough painful, there is still happiness.

 I am sure in every broken relationship, there are good memories. 🙂 Think about the good ones then.

我覺得只要有一個人不愛了,那就趕快分手,越快越好,不然的話兩個人都痛苦,更慘的是,周圍的人也跟著痛苦,連身邊的人也跟著痛苦。If he or she does not love you anymore, then just end the relationship as quickly as possible for it will not only hurt both the parties, it will also hurt people around the parties as well as even those closest to them.

 I totally agreed, especially in this show. Everyone is totally affected, the immediate family, the children and friends.

第三集 Believe中間也藏一個lie Episode 3 –  There is a lie hidden in between believe. (beLIEve)

I like this, that is why we have the white lie. LOL

人妻最怕撞三件事,撞車、撞鬼、撞小三。The three most scary things for a wife to meet is an accident, a ghost and marital affairs.

第四集 我們真的可以回到原來那樣嗎?Episode 4 – Can we still return to original state when things happen?

 When a relationship is tainted, can it still return to before it started? By then, there would be too much chemical reactions to the couple, the people, the feelings. To me, it will never be the same.

如果兩個相愛的人的話,怎麼會吵架,兩個人不愛的話,那更吵不起來啦!除非有一種情況,一個人還愛,但另外一個已經不愛了。If two people are in love, why would they quarrel? But if two people who are not in love, they wouldn’t even bother to quarrel. Quarrels will only occur in one senario, that is when one is still in love and the other is no longer. 😦

Okay, is that true? cos I am sure even if both are in love, differences in opinions and thoughts would strike a fight too. That always happens to Jonathan and me. LOL!

第五集 三個人的關係,實在太擁擠了… Episode 5 – A trio relationship is too crowded.

OMG are children counted? I realised that ya, to some point that I always got hijacked in the middle of the night to accompany them and left my dear hubby sleeping alone in that cold bed. LOL!!

我也不想感冒啊,可是有時候不知道為什麼就會感冒,也許戀愛就像是一種濾過性病毒,不知不覺就會侵犯你,在你還沒打噴嚏之前,其實就已經感冒了。The guy used having a cold to illustrate his love. Love is like having a cold. Even before you sneezed and realised that you have contacted the virus, the virus has already started attacking you.

 I would totally agree. Loving a person is something which I can’t control and once I am in love, everything seems to be out of my sight except that MAN.

第六集 生活是甜的?未來也是甜的?Episode 6 – Life is sweet? Future is sweet?

Life is sweet doesn’t mean the future is sweet. No one can predict the future. 🙂


First baseman (with reference to baseball) must have alarming observation. Take note if the husband has secretly changed his appearance, attitudes or habits.

Second baseman must have extraordinary alertness. Take note if the husband has particularly been gentle or even send expensive gifts during non-festive seasons.

Third baseman is the most important. He is the key to identifying if the husband is having an affair. Take note if husband is taking more business trips and using all sorts of reasons to get himself out of the wife’s sight then high chance that he is having an affair. (This is long but the sister-in-law of the protagonist tried to teach her to identify if the husband is having a marital affair. It’s funny but come to think of it, sounds quite true.)

第七集 一張紙,能保護我的婚姻?Episode 7 – Can a piece of paper protect my marriage?

I think it means marriage certificate. It’s just a piece of contract that we have to bound to. No one says that we need to be lovers to have that piece of paper. Isn’t it?

愛情不是占有啊,小姐,如果連讓對方呼吸的空間都沒有,那你需要的是一隻寵物,不是情人。Love is not a kind of possession. If you can’t give the other party a breathing space, then what you need is not a lover, but a pet.

 I love this analogy. Hmmm… I think even a pet has its beathing space. 🙂

第八集 做人,是退一步海闊天空;婚姻,是退一步人去樓空。Episode 8 – For life, taking a step back will let you see a better world but for marriage, taking a step back will let you lose everything.

So it means, die or live, we must hold on to our marriage and not let go at any cost. That’s tiring when you are the only doing it, isn’t it?

1) 被果汁弄髒的衣服可以洗乾淨,可是被外遇弄髒的婚姻呢?能洗洗就乾淨了嗎? A cloth that is stained by fruit juice can be washed clean. Can you just clean up a marriage that is stained by marital affairs?

 It definitely takes a lot of forgiveness to make that happen. I always believe that a mirror that has cracks can never be the same. What’s more is a stained marriage. That’s sad.

2) 妳是不是捨不得吃、捨不得穿、捨不得花錢作臉?我勸妳,女生還是對自己好一點,一旦妳累垮了就會有別的女人去住妳的房子、花妳的錢、打妳的小孩、睡妳的老公。Woman must treat herself better. Pamper yourself once in a while with food, clothes and facial. One day if the woman overworked from taking care of her home, there will be someone to take over the house, spend your money, beat your child and even sleep with your man.

An advice given by a friend to the potagonist. Okay, practically a typical housewife will look haggard, no fashion sense and all. So to all housewives, if possible, treat yourselves better. I think it is okay to spent a little money on beautifying yourselves for you deserve it. 🙂 LOL Maybe I should ask for a little more from Jonathan to pamper myself. Hahahaha.

第九集 從前的你,我不熟。Episode 9 – The person in the past is not the person I know

How many of us know the past of our partners? What he is now, is it always what he has been? Some point of time, I am sure he has changed, to be better or worst. A changed person is always someone we are not familiar with and should we accept the changed person?

第十集 不被愛的那個,才是第三者。Episode 10 – The person who is the third party is the one that is not loved.

From my point of view, the person who ruined the relationship is the third party. However, come to think of it from another point of view, I shouldn’t say it’s wrong. Why should we break up two people who are truly in love with each other?

More quotes to come in part II 🙂


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