Taiwan Trip 2010 Day 4

It’s like taking me ages to finish up my blog for my taiwan trip. I really need to buck up on my time management skills. 😦

Day 4 was a short day as most of the time were spent travelling along the coastal areas.

My first pit stop for toilet break and this view is just beside the toilet. Breath-taking. 🙂

Something that we cannot go home without. Custard Apples, some would call soursop but they are not. Love it and we actually bought 2 boxes home. Definitely got to hand carry. 🙂

These are fresh from the farm. Just pluck that morning.

Finally we reached the Taroko Gorge. Taroko Gorge didn’t seem to be that beautiful compared to 2005 when I went. According to the tour guide, the part that was opened for viewing a few years ago was already closed and this was a new viewing site in the recent years.

According to the tour guide, the gorge was formed by rushing river waters which have cut straight through the marble and granite. The result of it was beautiful, narrow ravine with waterfalls and patches of mist clinging to the mountains. I used to stay in a house laid with marble flooring and I must said that it’s really beautiful but of course extra work is needed to maintain the sheen and shine. 🙂

Too bad that I just brought 1 type of camera lens with me; thus, could not capture a nice picture of the gorge. 😦

With the extra time given and the slight drizzle, Aunty suggested for coffee to warm us. Weird thing was, we bought 2 cups of coffee and we were given free bamboo rice. 🙂 The bamboo rice is fragrance and with the chillie sauce, it was edible. 🙂

Thanks Daddy for the nice trip. I totally enjoyed it eventhough I felt guilty leaving the children at home. 🙂

By the time we reached HuaLian, was already dinner time. After dinner, we visited the Ami Aboriginal Cultural Village aka A-Mei tribe. People of Ah-Mei are renowned by their beautiful voice and fascinating life style. It was quite enjoyable listening to their singing and their dance. In the end, Anne and I were even invited out to do the Aboriginal dance with them together with other tourists. Daddy took the pictures but mostly were blurred due to the fast movement of hands and legs. Nevertheless, a souvenir picture was taken and brought home. 🙂


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