Taiwan Trip 2010 Day 3

Day 3 was on 25 December 2010 thus was Christmas Day. It’s great to be able to celebrate with family members. Jamie and Victor had also planned Christmas party for the two kids over at Singapore.

The first stop we arrived was the 日月潭 (Sun Moon Lake). Remembered 5 years ago that I went with Jonathan, that was a beautiful lake. I think is due to the quake that has left the place in ruins and on the mist of rebuilding. Why is it known as Sun Moon Lake? Seems like in the northern part of the “Guang Hua Island” (in the middle of the lake) looks like the shape of a sun and the southern part like the shape of a moon. We visited the 文武庙 (WenWu Temple) which worships Confucius, Guan Gong and Yue Fei.

Picture description from L to R: The entrance of the temple, The temple staff explaining the procedures of the praying, The well-wishes that we could place in the temple, the entrance from the other view.

Since we were given quite some time to wander around, how could we miss taking pictures of the scenery. 🙂

Yea to family picture. Thanks to the tour guide who is “well-versed” in photography, we got this nice picture taken. 🙂The three little children from the same tour group. Seeing them, I missed my two children at home. 😦

Can’t remember when was the last time I took picture with Daddy….

Sista with Daddy. 🙂

Leaving our footprints, we walked to the bus. Could not resist the Taiwan sausages stalls just beside the bus. 🙂 It was quite a long journey to the next destination. Took a pit stop for coffee and snacks…. and I caught someone in the act.

Hahaha… That’s my tourguide. Check out his equipment for phototaking. He carried these camera stuff throughout the journey.

Finally, we reached the 美浓客家村 (Mei Non Hakka Village). Purpose? To know more about the Hakka culture. Definitely the easiest to know them is through their food. We had a sumptuous Hakka lunch following by strolling around the village.

Everyone was so curious about this old man who could create music with different household items. The most amazing one to me was the toothpaste. “Impressive” is the word Kaitlyn uses. 🙂 Besides that, he appeared in different TV shows and one of the mediacorp show had him featured.

Dropped by the 85 Building for a city sight and mountains. The elevator easily took the group up to the 75th deck in just 43 secs which is 600 feet per minute. *Fast*

Oh before I moved on, we were at Kaoshiung. So we must visit the Love River. Took a 20minutes boat ride without taking any nice pictures. 😦 Too shaky and cold to hold my cam.

Daddy and mummy before we boarded the boat.

The sun set early due to the season which meant it was time for dinner. Fun days always passed by extremely fast. 🙂 For the past two nights, we were at the night market. The third night, we visited a shopping area cum night market. 🙂 We were only given an hour half to roam the place. Totally not enough for hardcore shoppers like us. After we reached the hotel, we took a cab down to 新崛江夜市 (New Chueh Chiang Night Market) for 2nd round of shopping. 🙂

Sister and mummy checking out the socks for they were really cheap. Probably due to the weather. 🙂

Day 4 was really short cos most of the time was spent travelling on the bus. We will be in Hualian on Day 4. Check back soon. 🙂


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