ES Creations – Jasmine and Belle Princess

Recently, I have gotten an order to customise a pair of earrings with Jasmine and Belle Princesses charms. Customer gave me her requirements of colour theme and prefered length. She wanted sunny yellow for Belle princess and purple for Jasmine princess. The whole process took me about a week to complete.

The final results are shown below.


Belle princess – Length is about 6.5cm

Materials included: Handmade Belle charm, seed beads, plastic beads, glass briolette, rhodium charms. All beads and parts are attached to the filigree by anti-tarnish wire.

Jasmine Princess –  Length about 6.5cm

Materials used: handmade Jasmine charm, clay and resins flowers, fresh water, glass and plastic pearls, czech crystal, seed beads. All beads and parts are attached to the filigree by anti-tarnish wire.

If you are interested in my creations, you can visit ES Creations at to look at my updated launches. 🙂



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4 responses to “ES Creations – Jasmine and Belle Princess

  1. flora

    Hey Anna! lol, thX and i ‘like’ this entire post lol

  2. flora

    sure, no problem! its ur creations! lol by the way, i like reading ur psot on reviews frm all the online shops. can see ur an avid online buyer! esp frm BC. have u bought anything new frm them since they moved to a new site?

    • Thank you for reading my posts. So far, I have not bought anything from LB. I like their stuff very much. So many blogshops that I patronized, BC which now LB stuff gives me the best fit. Even if I don’t like it, the chances of reselling is also higher. 🙂

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