Hong Kong Trip Day 2 Part 2

Been procrastinating about doing the pictures for my Hong Kong trip. On the other hand, I can’t wait to get all of them done… so that I can have time to blog other stuff. 🙂

The photos for HKG day 2 is finally done. Judging from the photos we have taken, Day 2 definitely is a very enriching day. So many things were done in a day. 🙂

After we left Ngong Ping Village and reached mainland. We shopped for a little while at the Citygate Outlet. As there were not much eateries, we actually settled for MacDonalds for lunch. Jonthan had Big and Tasty burger which Singapore does not serve. It was really good.

At about 2 plus, we took the train to Sham Shui Po. I have gotten some information from an accessories making magazine that there is a stretch of beads shops along Sham Shui Po. As a jewellery enthusiast, how could I give that place a miss?

For many trips that I have been to Hong Kong, it was my first time I set foot on Sham Shui Po. It was indeed a different experience for me. The place, the noise, the culture….. totally immensed and attracted.

Sham Shui Po has got really unique stuff for sale. Instead of a lot of female apparels, I saw electrical appliances, hi-fi, 2ndhand products and etc. I would say now there was really something Jonathan could look at.

Could not believe that Sham Shui Po is also a crowded place. Hmmm… or maybe Hong Kong itself is crowded. LOL

 This whole stretch of road (Yu Chau Street) has many many shops selling accessories making stuff. A must go place for me if I get to visit Hong Kong again. The accessories making shops has tonnes and tonnes of beads for sale. Besides that, there is a shop that sells really unique and nice charms. Best part of all, most of the beads are cheaper than Singapore. 🙂 Poor Jonathan, I took about 2 hours to just browse through the items in different shops while he waited outside.

Suddenly a market place appeared in front of us.

At about 6 plus, we decided to finish off Sham Shui Po and went to Mongkok again. Jonathan and I decided to search for the fishball noodles which we had 10 years ago when we visited Hong Kong during our poly days. To our surprise, the shop is still there. *Super Duper delighted*

The place was not very crowded and we managed to get a seat immediately.

Managed to capture a picture of Jonathan in front of the stall. 🙂

After dinner, we treated ourselves to Xu Liu San again. Super nice and cooling after the hot and stuffy dinner at the Fishball stall. So lucky that Xu Liu San was just beside the fishball stall.

This time round we tried another flavour. Could not remember the name though. 😦

Instead of shopping at Argyle Center again, we decided to just window shopping along the streets. We kept walking along Fa Yuen Street and was really glad to stumble upon one of the eateries recommended by some of the bloggers. It was also the queue that attracted us. For those who like big squid and pig intestines, this is something not to be missed.

The queue at Fei Jie Snack Shop was pretty long. We actually had two servings. The first time round, Jonathan bought the big squid and small intestines. The two sticks were covered with two types of sauces. I do not know what the sauces were. The dark one seemed like sweet sauce while the yellow one looked like mustard. However, when I ate it, the mustard sauce tasted like wasabi. It was so good that Jonathan went for second serving and came back with liver, big intestines and more squid. Definitely a must try if you happen to go to Fa Yuen Street. 🙂


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