Hong Kong Trip Day 2 Part 1

There are so many pictures taken on Day 2. Even the uploading of pics is taking way too long. 😦 I will be breaking the post for Day 2 into 2 parts.

On Day 2, Jonathan and I woke up really early cos we have planned to visit the Big Buddha. We went to Austrialian Dairy Company for a Hong Kong style breakfast.

The place was packed with people. Many tourists as well.

We ordered the Breakfast set which consisted of the marcaroni, 2 slices of bread, 2 eggs and a drink. On top of that, I ordered a steam milk pudding and one more drink. Definitely, I had the tea and Jonathan ordered ‘Yuan Yang’ (tea + coffee). The set came with 2 sunny side-ups. Eating was quite messy due to the liquid yolks. We should have ordered it in scrambled, at least we could stuff the eggs into the bread and eat them. 🙂 The hot steam milk pudding is super duper nice. It’s really soft and smooth. *Heavenly taste*

After breakfast, we proceeded to Jordan station and made our way to Ngong Ping Village where we will visit the Big Buddha. We got to take the train all the way to Tung Chung station and take a cable car to Ngong Ping Village.

The ride was quite comfortable and not very crowded as we have passed their working hours. The only set back was the very long walk from Central Station to Tung Chung line. The train to Tung Chung was a little crowded as it also led the passengers to Disneyland Resort station.

Amazingly the moment we reached Disneyland Resort Station, the train was empty. Apparently, the Disneyland was more attractive than the Ngong Ping Village.

Upon reaching Tung Chung Station, the Citygate Factory Outlets welcomed us the moment we stepped out. We walked pass that building to Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal.

The food court in Citygate Outlets is by Food Republic. Isn’t Food Republic one of Singapore’s food courts? Besides that, I think I saw Breadtalk in one of the buildings in Tsim Sha Shui.

We were awe by the long queue when we reached Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal eventhough the train we took was pretty empty when it reached.

Jonathan and I couldn’t wait to get up the cable car. There are a few choices for selection. The normal cabin queue was the longest. To get 360 degrees view, we paid a little more to hop on the crystal cabin. What do they mean by 360 degrees? Keep the suspense. 😉

Each cabin can take up to 10 people and before you board, there will be photographers to take pictures of you. At the the end, you can view the pictures and if you are satisfied with it, you can purchase it. Personally, I think the pics Jonathan took are far more better than the ones taken by the photographers. *grinning*

We love the view from the cable car. It’s so refreshing to see greenary and to be so near to the sky. However, there was a point whereby the cable car went higher and higher, it’s so frightening when I looked out to see the rest of the cable cars that were behind me, the whole experience just felt like riding on a roller coaster before it plunges.

It’s really a 360 degrees experience with our feet lying on a glass bottom.

We could see what’s below us. Basically, the  flooring that we stepped on was made of clear glass and we could see the sea and greenary as we travelled up the hill.

The cable car ride was about 30 mins. We had to walk through the Ngong Village before we reached the foot of the Big Buddha. The weather was really hot and was glad that I had my umbrella with me. 🙂

We past by the ‘San Sui’ Beancurd and was not really attracted to it. Finally, we got to the foot of the Big Buddha. Looking at the flight of stairs up to the Big Buddha, we decided to just take pictures of it at where we were.

Again, we walked past the Beancurd stall. Now we couldn’t resist it cos we were really hot and sweaty; therefore, decided to sit down for a bowl of cooling beancurd. To our surprise, the beancurd was really good…. Another heavenly taste.

Jonathan’s expression tells it all. 😛

By the time we decided to leave was about 12 plus. The sun was right above us and we couldn’t wait to board the cable car back to mainland. As it was still early, not many people were leaving the place, we had the whole cabin to ourselves on our way back. *Yipee*

Some silly shots of us . Too much space and time for us to camwhore. LOL

Finally, a photo as remembrance that we have visited the Ngong Ping Village. 🙂

To be continued…..


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