Hong Kong Trip Day 1

A last minute decision to go for this trip. It happened that Jonathan was surfing the net at SQ website and found seats available that he could claim from his Krisflyer points and tada…. 2 tickets to Hong Kong from 26 August to 29 August. Eventhough it was just 4 days, a getaway without the kids definitely is needed for us to spend some quality time together. 🙂

We reached the airport at about 7am. Sun still in the mist of rising up from the horizon.

That is both of us…. abandoning our children for our own fun. *Once in awhile should be okay, right? :)*

Checking out the row number to check-in. Oh did I mention that we will be on a Jumbo plane? My first time. Should have taken the seats on the upper deck instead of the main.

Jonathan’s sunshine smile, just like my MacDonald’s MacMuffin, so comforting. 🙂

My faithful stroller bag, to put our newly bought loots while shopping and Jonathan’s extra lens and stand, which followed us everywhere we went throughout the trip.

After about 3.5 hours  plane ride, we arrived in Hong Kong. First thing we bought was the Octopus card. Since we would be there 4 days 3 nights, we purchased the airport express travel pass (single trip) for HK$ 220. It allows unlimted travels in Hong Kong with different modes of transportation (from MTR to buses) and includes a single trip airport express to city area. The good thing about this card is it has unlimited usage and the time it starts counting down is when I first tap my card. As I first tap my card at about 3 plus in the afternoon, I was able to fully utilise the card till the last day of stay in Hong Kong which IMO is quite worth it. On top of that, I got a HK$ 50 refund when I returned the card.  We took the Airport Express to Kowloon station, followed by a cab to Prudential Hotel. Cab fare was about HK $50. My advice would be if there are about 5 people, this way of travel is more worth it cos the fare could be divided by 5 passengers provided that there is not much baggages.

After checking into the hotel, we proceeded to Hankow Road at Tsim Sha Tsui as Jonathan needed to collect his lens.


Jonathan had called the photo accessories shop the day before to reserve his lens. Check out how excited he was after he attached his new lens to his cam.

LOL… Still prefers using my cam to take pics of us. At least I look slimmer.

Granville Road is one of the recommended place for shopping. The street has really small boutiques which sell female apparels. Bought a maxi dress for HK$80. Price is right IMO.

Poor Jonathan, shopping is definitely not a boy thing in Hong Kong.

While walking we spotted the highly raved mango desserts from Xu Liu San. Had it everyday in different flavours. 😉

I realised that any business that deals with food, their billboard designs tend to have red and yellow. Think about MacDonald’s, Old Chang Kee and many more. Went to do a research and realised that colours in red and yellow do have some effect on our taste buds… Seeing these colours would trigger our subconsciousness to eat the food.

Look at how excited we are. Ordered the Sago in Mango and Coconut Juice. The mangoes are really fresh and sweet. Love it. 🙂

We took a walk to Sogo hoping to pick up the remains of the sale but nothing much. Hungried, we decided to walk back to Canton Road for a good dinner and dessert at The Sweet Dynasty.


Jonathan finally had his favourite Hong Kong style Wantan Noodles while I had my long awaited dessert, Pomelo and Mango in Sago. Thumbs up for the big chunks of fresh mangoes.

Activities for the rest of the night was at Mongkok enjoying another round of shopping at H&M Langham Place and Argyle Centre. Argyle Centre is a really nice place to get cheap inspired clothings from VIVI magazines. Got myself a inspired Chanel sandals for only HK$8. That’s considered cheap for a pair of sandals.

Bought some drinks from 7-11 and saw these pretty breads lying in the shelves. They looked so fake to me. 🙂

Finally ended the day with supper consisting curry fishballs, squid and some BBQ stuff from the street.



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