Happy Anniversary!!!!

Jonathan and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on the 7th of August. The actual day when we registered our marriage was actually on 08082001. Since we were going for a round of massage session on the 7th, we decided to celebrate the day before with the massage, followed by a dinner of Steamboat. 😉

The massage ended at about 6 plus and we made our way to Suntec City for our ‘Mala’ hotpot. Jonathan has been craving for steamboat for quite some time thus the decision.

The food at Chong Qing is not that fantastic but the chilli mix which was supposed to bring the spicyness down is very good. According to the waiter, we can endure the spicyness with their 3 stuffs – 1) the 4 different sauces mixed together (chilli mix), 2) the eight treasures tea (which is free flow) and the sweet dessert that they offered at the end of the dinner. I didn’t take a lot of the ‘mala’ soup cos I was afraid that my stomach could not take it. I love the way the meat are sliced. It was so thinly sliced that I could just brush it in the soup and eat it. I also love the fried beancurd skin soaked in the hot piping ‘mala’ soup. NICE!!!! 😉

Our stomachs were so full that we decided to go for a short walk before picking the children up. The end of the YOG rehearsal caused a major jam on our way home. Mother-in-law then called and told us that the Kaiden has fallen asleep and Kailtyn would like a sleep over. Grabbing the late night out opportunity, we enrouted to Old Town White Coffee @ECP for coffee and tea.

Jonathan likes black coffee and I like milk tea. This habit has not changed for the past 9 years eventhough many things around us have. From the two of us, to having our children. Life is now surrounded by many many commitment instead of just the two of us- our work, our children, our families, our friends and many other stuff that may just pop up of nowhere.

I remembered the days when we were in US. Just after 1 month of our customary, we had to leave our families to a new land. With only Jonathan and I, we got to take care of each other, look out for each other and when we have problems, the only person we can look for is each other. We were basically stuck with only each other for two years. Despite the different upbringing from our parents, we have learnt to endure each other’s temper, the way we do things and accomodate to our life styles. Whatever decisions we made regardless of right or wrong, we only need to account to each other. On the weekends, we went marketing together, do the laundry together, cook together and watch rented Hong Kong serials together. 🙂 During my convoction in ASU, he was the only family member who attended my convoction. 😉 That was also the time when we got to know each other better before knowing each other’s families members. Seriously, I totally enjoyed the precious time given to us to let us know each other better through communication and to learn to respect and trust each other.

Right now, he is often out of town, each of us is busy with our own stuff. Despite being tired from a day’s work, we will still find time to go for our mini dates and we treasure these little time off. 🙂

Oops, are we forgetting something? Present? Nope, no presents as yet. I only bought Love MIX Sticky for him.

They are yummy and colourful. More like it they are for me and the children rather than for Jonathan. No elves couping around this time. Each of us gave each other a choice on what we want for our anniversary gift. I gave him the choice of either a camera len (which is like $1000 over bucks) or an Iphone 4. He has chosen Iphone 4 as his gift (Thank you so much for remembering that I am a SAHM) ;). His choice for me…. An Ipad or a branded bag. Of course, I would want a branded bag. I am a bag lover. What brand? I am still deciding and has popped by Chanel, Prada and Miu Miu. Can’t decide on which one…. Urghhhh…..


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