I got to get smack on the butt. I have been buying non-stop since BC went back to their every 4 days launch. Practically getting at least 1 item from each launch. I definitely got to stop my shopping craze for the month of August as Jonathan and I are going to Hong Kong at the end of the month for another form of shopping spree. Without the kids tagging along, thanks to my in laws who have enlisted by us to help take care while Jonathan and I have some twosome time together.

Below are my buys from BC in a chronological order from the latest to the earlier. Just 5 items for this post. 😉

The Frills Spag Maxi is love. There are about 6 colours to choose from. All yummylicious. Just that I thought darker colour would make my bulging body looks slimmer. I was really happy when Jonathan saw it and immediately commented that I look really slim in it. I think it must have something to do with the cutting. I really looked slim and tall. I am 1.59m and the dress hem ended just nice at my ankles. I love the ruffles at the front. Definitely a tummy hider. Kaiden’s gonna call me a princess when he sees me in this dress. Made of viscose so I can assume that it would be nice and cool for a hot weather in Singapore.

Mesh Chiffon Frock in Grey. Some how I have been getting grey stuff. Thought that darker colours would make me look smaller. *or am I wrong?* Not a very fantastic piece in my opinion. The waistline makes me look big and the bust area is not that flattering. The only thing I like is the mesh area and the colour combinations. Kinda of sexy with the peek-a-boo mesh.

Mod-Back-To-School Basic. Everythough I am no longer schooling. I love this top. It’s really a basic top which I could wear almost every day. The unique part is the extra fabric that is sewed over the black crew neck t-shirt. Never expected the coral to be so pinkish. Nevertheless, I would say is something that I would wear day in day out.

Slouchy Off-Shoulder Top. I have already wore this out on the day with Jonathan at Iluma’s Empire State Restaurant. Lovely piece to have as well for day in and day out. Simple and a presentable piece for work and school. I am now contemplating to get more colours. The pink is really pretty. Anne owns the pink. 😉 *I am sure we can share share right?*

Lastly my review is from Rach’s previous collection. My fourth pair of shoes from BC.

Not sure why I am so obsessed with BC shoes. Just love them for the comfort and fit. You know sometimes you do get blisters when wearing new shoes? I have never experience this with the BC shoes. This pair of shoes is really nice. Specially bought it in grey to match my grey buys and of course after seeking Anne’s opinion. Heard that I can get the same design from Mitju but have not gotten the chance to see it.

Overall, I love all my buys from Bonitochico. The frequent launches are really making me poorer each month. Bonitochico has also been voted for the Most Addictive Local Blogshop by Cleo Magazine. So now I guess I know the reason for all my recent buys with Bonitochico. 😉


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