Korea Day 3

Rise and shine to our Day 3. We were extremely tired the night before and slept really early. Glad that the meet up was at 8am and after which the group settled in a restaurant for breakfast.

The foursomes… Where is the 5th pair?

After breakfast, we were ferried to the Yongin Everland. The big playground that we have been telling Kaitlyn and Kaiden about. They were sure looking forward to it. But when they reached there, they were still looking for the playgound. In their eyes, they were thinking about the playground that they played in Kids Explorer but nevertheless, they did enjoy themselves. The place is outdoor and was really cold. Within 1 hour, Kaiden went into hibernating mode. We found out that once it was too cold for him to handle, he would tear and then wheeze and finally, knock out.

On their so call cable car from highland to lowland. What’s really cool was they actually just hung the stroller at the back without even keeping it.

The tulips are gorgeously, extremely…. what other words to describe? They are really very beautiful and it’s my first time seeing a tulip in it’s full bloom. Still prefers the half bloom version.

With such beautiful background, we just couldn’t stop taking pictures with the tulips. 🙂

Continuing our walk to highland, Gerald and Xueli spotted this really nice house as backdrop. The pink is so pretty.

Whatzzzz up with GuZong and Kaiden… Ohhh… imitiating Mummy and Daddy’s kissing scene for the above picture. LOL Kaitlyn’s turn to go into hibernating mode.

Throughout the trip, Jonathan and I became the least priority in Kaitlyn and Kaiden’s eyes. The whole day, they could think of was just the Gugu, GuZong, Susu and Shenshen…. The only time they were with us were during the meals and when we reached the hotel. Poor Gerald and Xueli and to think that that trip was supposedly to be their honeymoon. LOL.

Moving on, we just could not miss the carousel. This was the only ride that everyone boarded. 🙂

How can we leave the place without a family pic. 🙂

The children and adults enjoyed themselves to the fullest if not for the extremely chilling weather. For the next stop, the whole bunch of 22 people on the bus alighted outside the strawberry farm. To do what? We got the chance to handpick strawberries. Children’s first time seeing a strawberry farm and handpick them into a plastic bag. In Singapore, what they see is already pack up in punnet kind of strawberries. A great experience for them indeed.

Supposedly to be a nice picture of Victor and Jamie, but got destroyed by the cheeky Jonathan. 😦

Moving on, within 5 mins, we reached the Korean Traditional Centre where we had hands on to make Kimchi.

It was fun. Jon and I got to take turns to make cos someone got to take care of the kids. In the end, the kids were roaming around in the room. I was glad to know that the made Kimchi would be sent to the old folks home instead of throwing them away. If not really wasteful to cater to so many tourists for the experience.

On our way to the restroom, the whole place suddenly started to snow… It’s not the really big one but enough to make the kids crazy. Kaitlyn and Kaiden… trying to catch the snowflakes on their hands.

Finally it was time to get back to the hotel. Another day had ended. The long and leisure drive to Yongpyong Dragon Valley set all of us sleeping on the bus. When we finally reached and unloaded our stuff, the temperature indicator clearly stated a 2.3 degrees. The guide met us at 8.45pm for a walk to the different scenes that serial, Winter Sonata, had taken place. It was just too cold to take more pictures when the temperature dropped to a   -4.3 degrees. With the snow,the cold and the extremely quiet surrounding, we chose to walked back to the hotel for the warm that awaited us.

Day 3 ended with a small gathering at Jamie’s room. With the warm in the room, the chitchatting, the booze and the snacks… Just perfect. 🙂

Looking forward to day 4…..


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