ES Photoshoot + Korea Day 2

Had our first photostudio photoshoot with Gwen, our new model, for EverydayShopper. Usually we will do our photoshoot with Xueli at Jamie’s house. Of course with all the lighting set up and all. We were all quite excited about moving our shoot to a professional photostudio.

With Adrian’s help, we managed to clear our shoot within 2 hours with 20 changes of clothes.

It was really fun and an eye-opener to really see how fashion is being portray in this environment. Looking to every details of the apparel when that is the only way, buyers can see… They do not have the chance to touch and feel for online shopping: therefore, it must be to our atmost best to bring out to the customers the most accurate  information of the apparel.

Some of my personal favourites are as below.

 Remember to check out EverydayShopper on 27th April at 8pm sharp. 🙂


What I Wore

Decided to wear my EverydayShopper Shoulder Embellishment Dress as a top. As the material is quite thin, I do not have any problem tucking my dress into the pants. The dress is comfortable but has to wear an inner as the embellishment part is a bit heavy and will tend to ride forward.


Camwhoring again with Jonathan. Thought that it would be nice to take a picture of myself with my new colour contacts. Wearing FreshLook in Pure Hazel. My eyes just look bigger…… Jonathan totally loves it.


Korea Day 2

After we landed in Seoul, we were welcomed by our local tour guide, Leo, and our personal photographer, Steven. We were taken to the Namsan Park. All thanks to Kaitlyn and Kaiden who fell asleep on the bus, Jonathan and I were stranded and might as well stay on the bus.

Next we visited the War Memorial, exhibitions honoring the spirit of those who perished fighting on the battlefront. Took a lot of pictures of the military equipments and fighter planes.

What a dumb thing to do… Talking pictures of each other? LOL

Kaiden pics with grandpa and Jamie.

Kaitlyn… all geared up for the cold.

Can see that Kaitlyn is really happy to be out in a cold country.

Fighter planes shots….

More fighter planes shots…..

Kaiden, are you waving for a cabby? No, his gloves kept dropping out and he was trying to wave to us to tell us. 🙂

Kaitlyn joins in the fun. 🙂

Picture perfect with Jamie

1st partial family picture.

cheeky boy….. or boys…. Hee hee

Finally we left the War Memorial for our lunch… It was a buffet lunch. We were there early so the family took a short walk opposite the building. Breezing through the cold, we spotted a market. Attracted to the stuff placed in the open, we decided to explore more.

The fresh seafood or the strawberries set my mouth watering before the lunch.

Cheery Blossom planted outside a flat? When can we see that in Singapore?

Finally it was time for lunch. Jon and Kaiden having fun with his winter cap.

Kaiden’s favourite… Half face monster.

The tour also organised a skin care course at the Face Shop Academy. It was fun with all of us participating in the cleansing, toning, massage and finally mask.

The children would love to join in… but Kaiden was making way too much noise so Jonathan took him out of the room while I continued to be pretty pretty. 🙂

Take home message from the Course….

Never leave home without going through these steps: 1) Cleanse, 2) Tone, 3) Eye Cream, 4) Moisturise and finally 5) Sun Block

Oh dear, I always go without the eye cream and sun block. Even since I came back from Korea, I have rigorously done my facial routine. Every morning and night… my stay in front of the mirror has increased by half hour. No wonder there is this saying, you can’t be lazy to be pretty. 🙂

We were then given 2 hours to shop at Myongdong. The moment we stepped into Myondong, the ice cream stall caught our eyes even though everyone was feeling cold. Look at how tall the ice cream. Quite amazing to the children. Can see that all eyeing at the ice cream during photo taking and each of them just want to get their hands on it. While the children were having ice cream, the gals went into Etude House and another beauty store. Got the Laneign Sleeping Pack Mask and some masks from Etude House for myself. Then the children were tired, they felt asleep again and we were stranded at the meet-up place while sis and the rest went over to Namedaemun.

Dinner was Ginseng Chicken and managed to take some pictures outside the restaurants. 🙂

The day ended with a long drive to Mayfield Hotel in Seoul. Cold and with drizzling rain. 🙂


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