Cheryl’s Wedding + Korea Day 1

On 10th April, Jonathan and I attended one of my secondary school friend’s wedding. Cheryl, being away in UK most of the time with her hubby, I was really glad to see her and of course a few of my secondary school friends whom I last met, were during my wedding. Hmmmm…. that was like in 2001? Oh Jaccy, we got to meet more often. We have not seen each other for 9 years. OMG….

Debbie, despite carrying a big tummy with her attended Cheryl’s wedding as well. Mynn was real busy so couldn’t make it.

I was then given the task to arrange a gathering before Cheryl and her hubby return back to UK the following weekend. However, overwhelmed by excitment of seeing each other, I actually forgotten that I would be leaving for Korea the next day and only be back the following weekend as well. No choice Cheryl, we can only meet the next time you are back. 😦

The wedding is held in Chjimes. My first time there so was looking forward to it. Jonathan is also back in time to join me for the wedding.

Zooming our way to the wedding…… and we were early thinking that an English wedding would start on time. Singaporeans are still Singaporeans…

Love the stage and the high ceiling….

Arrival of Greg and Cheryl with the beautiful voice of Cheryl’s daddy on the stage. Cheryl’s wedding gown is gorgeous and it flew from SG to UK and from UK back to SG for the day’s event.

Jaccy’s daughter, Gillian, she is extremely beautiful and sweet. You can’t beat her mummy… she will get angry… so Debbie, you got to stop slapping Jaccy’s arm when talking to her. LOL

Managed to grab some time to camwhore during the change of plates. 🙂

How can we leave without taking a group photo…. 🙂


What I Wore

A classic piece from HerVelvetVase, the chiffon cross front dress in Lilac. Loves the front details of the dress with the cross front. Really brings out the girlish in me.  The only thing I don’t like is that it squeezes armpits fats a little. Other than that, a nice and simple dress to have in your wardrobe.


I was sick and totally knockout when I reached my mother’s place. Worst was we would be leaving Korea at night. In order to join the family of 10 for the trip, I popped as many kinds of flu medicine and went to bed the whole afternoon. Was really glad that Jonathan was around to take care of the kids while I rested.

At night, we reached the airport. Thanks to my father for driving us there. With the 2 kids going as well, we’ve got 2 big luggages. Got to pack their milk powder, diapers, anything that you can think of whether they may or may not use it during the trip.

Children were really excited about the trip and my flu also got better.

Our first time in Korea and travelling with a family of 10

Ooooo…. My first time seeing Kaiden in long sleeve turtleneck top and he looks really handsome in it. 🙂

A KIMCHI smile from Kaitlyn before we board the plane. 🙂


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