A: Next time when I grow up, I do not want to give birth to babies.

B: Why?

A: Ai… got to make milk, very tired. Got to pat the baby to sleep… very tired… got to carry the baby… very tired.

B: dotz…… and laugh.

From the philosophy of a 5 year old, Kaitlyn


Got my new loot from The Design Closets. She opened the package and brightened up.

K: Wah mum, this is a beautiful piece.

Mum touch the material and took a second look.

M: Looks ok.

Kaitlyn went out and came in. Held up the romper.

K: Mum, this is really very nice. I like it very much.

Held the romper to her body.

K: and mum, it fits me just right.

Mum almost fainted.

Another comical scene with Kaitlyn and Mum


Try asking your boyfriend or husband this:

If given a choice, and only one choice, would you prefer to have me beautiful by day and ugly by night or vice versa?

What answer do you hope to get from them?


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