Claypot Fun + Online Reviews

I was glad to receive my sis and bro-in-laws’, Jamie and Victor’s, help in loading one child off me. They took Kaitlyn to watch Disney on Ice. Vic and Sis picked Kaitlyn up at 2pm. At the same time, we agreed to meet for dinner at Claypot Fun at the ECP Big Splash Playground.

I heard from Kaitlyn that GuGu bought donut for her and she has really enjoyed herself. Sis also told me that Kaitlyn was really good as well. She didn’t make them buy any toys for her. That’s because before she left, I reminded her not to bug Sis to buy anything… if not… we will not take her there again.

Kaitlyn was really excited about the trip. She picked her clothes the day before and even packed her own bag. I don’t know what she has put in her bag until I saw these pictures. Of course the pictures were provided by Sis.

In the evening, we met up at ECP’s Claypot Fun together with Gerald, Xueli and my parents-in-laws. The moment Kaiden saw Victor, he was really excited and gave him a big kiss and a big hug.

We were given a seat outside the walkway. It was breezy therefore we did not really mind about it. We ordered a few stuff. But for the kids, they could only have frog leg claypot as Kaitlyn cannot take most of the stuff on the menu due to her eczema.

The utensils used were so much like the olden days. The food is not bad I would say. Instead of the normal black sauce, Claypot Fun uses their special mixed sauce for the claypot rice. The pork liver and the fermented vegetables were also very nice.

Kaiden loved the rice that he ate three bowls all by himself. I felt so relieved that I did not have to feed him and Kaitlyn was very cooperative though she was grouchy after her nap.

See the difference in her? Happy on the way to the show, Disney on Ice, on the right and grouchy from her nap on the left. She did not even want to face the camera. 🙂

Sis and Vic, really nice of them to take Kaitlyn out. I like the picture which Kaiden and Sis took. Kaiden is so demure looking. Cannot see any devilish in him. LOL

and compared to the one I took with him ….LOL

Oh my, the gals are in ES clothings except me… Shame on me. 😦


What I wore

As seen from above, I wore a very simple outfit, white spag top and skinny. However, the look was changed by pairing with a military style jacket. The jacket was bought from BKK during one of my purchasing trip for ES. The sleeves are a bit long. Should have altered it. I am not really a jacket person, so took the opportunity of the cooling weather on that day to put it on.


Online Reviews

Agneselle is not a blogshop I would usually shop. This maybe due to the sizing of their clothes. The model, Pei Ling, is really skinny, about UK 6 and they actually made the clothes according to her sizing.  The Grecian top comes in the dress version as well which I have it in lovely blue. The zipper is not really smooth and person with bigger ribcage may have difficult wearing it. It does squeeze a little of armpit fats. 😦 However, nothing could stop me from getting it. Highly raved for and so pretty.Just a note, their clothes are also usually sold out with 2 minutes. One of the highly sought blogshops with all self manufactured pieces.

Another piece from Bonitochico. I am basically a BC fan. Love their clothes as the model has the same sizing as me. Love this top very much. The flutter sleeves and oversized covered all my flaws. 😉 The only draw back is the sheernees of the top. Maybe that is why an inner is provided. The top also comes with a belt; however, I do not really like the belt and used my own belt instead.

A top from Hollyhoque. The top does not really gave me a ‘wow’ feel as compared to the BC oversized top. I must admit that the model, Joyce, carried the top very well and thus tempted me to buy it. It’s a square neck top and colour definitely is not purple as stated in the website. It should be kind of maroon or liver red. A very comfortable piece and great for casual wear.


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