My Half a Day Getaway + Anna’s Creations

All thanks to my mother-in-law, I managed to sneak away from the kids for a day. These 2 kids have started to drive me crazy especially now when it’s the holidays. Everyday, they would be bugging me for this and that. For one minute, they will be so buddy like glue that they stick together. Another minute, fighting, pinching and biting just because of a small conflict.

This morning, I did something which I regretted very much after doing it. I actually slapped my dear son. How could I possibly lift my hand to do that? I must have gone crazy. I was changing and getting ready to drive the kids to my MIL place. Suddenly I heard shouting and crying. Apparently, Kaitlyn tried to pull the playhouse to one corner which Kaiden was happily playing. Kaiden told her no… but Kaitlyn being obstinate, ignored his nos… and started pushing the playhouse away. Kaiden got so upset that he pinched Kaitlyn’s face, bit her fingers and started beating her. I got so angry when I heard from Kaitlyn that Kaiden bit her. I have told him so many times that he shouldn’t bite his sister. Yet, a child is still a child. His defence mechanism is only bite, beat or pinch.

Next time if something like this happen again, I should walk away from their quarrels and calm myself down before approaching them. I need to practise more discipline and try to restrain myself from flaring my anger.

Nevertheless, the moment I turned around, Kaiden started laughing and sister hugging him. Then they started playing together again. Sometimes I really don’t know to be angry with them or to laugh at them.


My half day getaway, the only place I needed to go was to grab my accessories making materials. I took an MRT down to Chinatown. People’s Park Center is the place where I usually buy my materials from. The one that I most frequent in is the Lai Guang. They got a lot of varieties of accessories making materials. Most of the items are at Buy 1 Get 1 Free except the swarovski crystals.

Another one that I usually will go is the Shino Beads. They got a very unique way of selling their beads. It’s by weight. Which means you pay for the weight of the beads, just like buying pork. LOL

There is another one called Golden Dragon. I usually will make that as my last stop as by then, I would have gotten most of my stuff. The shop offers knitting classes. So for anyone who are interested, you can find out more about their course from here.

Wanna look at what I have bought? Check them out below.

Bought some pearls which included the glass and swarovski crytals pearl. Love to put them in my accessories. They just make the whole ring, earrings or necklace that touch of feminine.  Of course some stuff that I need to restock, like wire and glue. I needed the earring stands and ring stand for my rental box in LinLin Lattice House. Will let tell you more of my rental box later. 😉 Last but not least, I need flowers, more clay flowers for my artwork.

Lastly this was what I wore out today, Love the top that I got it in white and navy. Remove my headache of accessorizing. Bought from HeySugar some time ago during their sales. Seems like they have stop launching new collection for very long time in their website. 😦


Finally, I have completed my princess charms. Below are some of my stuff that I will be launching at EverydayShopper soon. Kindly take note that accessories will launch in the livejournal instead of the .sg website as we are going through a revamp. 🙂

If you like the accessories that I have made, you can also visit LinLin Lattic House at Toa Payoh Central, Blk185 #01-324 (Nearer to TPY Library) to view the items. 🙂 The lady boss is very pretty wo…


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