My New Loots

I got to introduce this Salace Dress from EverydayShopper. Love this dress that I have to keep one for myself. The lace details plus the ribbons were the first thing that caught my eyes. The material is very comfortable and with the details, it definitely save my headache on accessorizing.

Check them out at EverydayShopper cos we only left with a few pieces. 🙂

Oh my, finally my BonitoChico Chiffon Mini arrived after 1.5 months’ wait. I have a very difficult time choosing the colours. Jonathan likes apple green while my mum said fuschia will look good on me. In the end, I ordered 2 of the colours.

BonitoChico is one of the most popular blogshops. Their stuff are usually sold out within 5 mins. Don’t believe me? Cos even Jade Seah is wearing their clothes.

Below are my humble reviews of their chiffon minis which Jade is wearing.

Please don’t compare my figure with hers okay…. 🙂

The minis are very comfortable. Easy to match. Easily fit a UK 10 if you would like to know. The length is a bit short so will arm myself with safety shorts or with leggings. The belt comes with it.

Great for mum like me cos no need to worry about ‘zao geng’ when carrying child.

Next is the highly raved for in CozyCot’s By-Rovski Bandage Dress. Love the material, it’s lycra spandex type. Cooling and great for our weather. It’s very versatile, cos I can wear it as a dress…. pull the bandage up, I can wear it as a top.

Someone also starting asking what I have done to my charms. So far, been busy with Kaitlyn’s birthday stuff and only managed to complete the Snow White charm.



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3 responses to “My New Loots

  1. jon

    My wife is so beautiful in those dresses… Do you guy agree with me???

  2. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for visiting your comment on my blog.

    And I totally agree with your husband. I like you in the apple green chiffon dress best- it brings out your lovely complexion. It is a dress that not many can pull off but you look very good in it.



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