Kaitlyn is 5!!!

Time really flies, I can remember when Kaitlyn just arrived, she was just a small baby. Now she is a 5 year old gal who can express her thoughts and wants. Come to think of it, most of the time, I would lose out to her nonsensical requests.

On the 9th, we celebrated her birthday at my mother-in-law’s place. She volunteered to do the cooking. I am glad she did cos I was real busy with the preparation of the goodie bags. MIL told me all she cooked was chicken wings, nuggets, hotdogs and fried noodles. When I reached her place at 6 plus, to my horror… spread of dishes on the table and she handled all by herself. Invincible mother. LOL. By the time I reached there, most of the relatives have also arrived.

With the good food and happy faces, the whole night just passed by so quickly.

Soon it was time for the cake cutting. I bought the cake from Emicakes, Toa Payoh. Premium durian. Just the look of the cake was enough to make us drool. Of course the person who was most excited was Kaitlyn. She even volunteered to put the candles on the cake. But in the end, it was Kaiden who blew out the candles.

Kaitlyn is a weird child. She does not like us to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ song. Everytime, we tried, she would cry. As usual, this year, she did not want a birthday celebration in class. All she wanted was to give out the goodie bags. With that thought, I decided to prepare a better goodie bag for her classmates.

Theme? I couldn’t decide. All I knew was I wanted to make the nice little cookie sticks with personalised names. I got the contact from Karen and started surfing Aunty Yochana‘s beautifully baked cakes and cookies. Then the theme, Mickey and Minnie was decided. Mickey for boys and Minnie for girls. Aunty Yochana was very nice and accomodating to my last minute orders. Love the cookies so much that I had to order all our names, Jonathan, Anna, Kaitlyn and Kaiden.

With the theme, I went to source out for items to put into the goodie bags, and tada, the Mickey Clubhouse books caught my eyes in Popular. Immediately bought 30 books and our dear Kaitlyn was so eager that she started packing the 1st round of goodie bags.

With that plain-looking bag, I decided to make myself busier by creating a tag and personalised name labels. The cutting was crazy but managed to clear them. 🙂

Above shows the content that were in the goodie bag.

The final product of the goodie bags, children with silver ribbons and teachers with pink ribbon. Kaitlyn did all the packing and pasting of labels. My job? Tie the ribbons. It was bad enough. Imagine, tied 33  ribbons for 2 hours plus.

And all were put nicely into this ikea bag. I am so glad I have this bag. You will know why when you see the next picture.

On the 10th, the big rain dampened my spirits. 😦

Kaiden took this pic in the car when we were on our way to Kaitlyn’s school. Nevertheless, the smile on Kaitlyn’s face still bring sunshine to me.

On this special day, Kaitlyn’s school allowed her to wear her home clothes. She chose the gown that she has prepared the day before.

We quickly stumbled ourselves to the car. Big rain with 2 kids and the big pack of goodie bag. My arduous job was to make sure that all of them were dry. How do I do that with Kaitlyn in her princess gown, Kaiden, the goodie bags and the umbrellas. Kaitlyn was nice to hold her own umbrella, Kaiden in her sister’s Disney princess raincoat. I had to bring the two kids into the school 1st, left Kaitlyn with teacher then went out to get the goodie bags with Kaiden. Kaiden was very happy to be in his raincoat and was amazed that he was dry despite the big rain.

Despite all the big hoo ha, I hope that Kaitlyn’s classmates will like the goodie bags that we have prepared for them.

Wish Kaitlyn a very Happy Birthday and may all her wishes come true.



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One response to “Kaitlyn is 5!!!

  1. Win Nie

    Hi Anna

    After reading your blog, I can only say you are a really wonderful mom! It’s so amazing how much effort and time you put into celebrating your little girl’s birthday.

    Happy Birthday to Kaitlyn. Best wishes.

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