Photoshoot Fun

Some people started asking me what is ES. EverydayShopper, aka ES, is actually a blogshop set up by my sis-in-laws, Jamie and Xueli, and myself thus JAX & partners.

It is an online blogshop selling apparels and handmade accessories done by us when we are free. All work, from purchasing, measuring, phototaking, editing, uploading to webby, liaising with customers, packing and mailing are all done by us and our partners. Each of us took up one part of the job. If not we will all peng san. LOL

We just launched our new collection last week and with all the equipment during photoshoot set-up, we took the opportunity to have some fun shots.

Adrian, my secondary friend of EPSS, a photography fanatic was really nice to guide us in our phototaking. Millions thanks to him. 🙂

Below is the picture taken by him. Love the picture below so much. Present to you our pretty ES sole model, Xueli shen shen and our little princess Kaitlyn. 🙂

Then Gerald, Jonathan’s brother, decided to have a try and this is what we got.

Finally, Jonathan, who is our photographer for the ES came up with this result,

Finally, we ended up the day with this picture below by Adrian again. So love him making us all pretty looking and natural.

P/S: Wish all of us will be as happy as seen in the pictures everyday. 🙂


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