Washing Grapes Effortlessly

I always have trouble washing those white powdery stuff on individual grapes or prunes. Children love grapes and to further pamper them, I would pluck them out from the stem and wash them. Worst, would up to the extend of cutting into half to take the seeds out. (That is how my children are lawfully being pampered by me. :))

Most of the time, I would just close one eye and ignore those whitish stuff that I see on the little purplish grapes until that day my mother-in-law imparted me with an amazing way of washing prunes. Most importantly, it works for grapes as well.

Materials needed: Grapes and clean wet cloth

The white powdery grapes to start with. 😦

Step 1: Rinse the grapes with water

Step 2: Place the grapes on the clean wet cloth

Step 3 & 4: Wrap the grapes with the cloth.

Step 5: This is the fun part where your children can take part in. Shake the cloth with the grapes bouncing. This step can last up to a few minutes depending on how long your children want to shake. 🙂

And tada, my clean nice grapes for my two pampered Kaitlyn and Kaiden. 🙂

Check out the before and after picture.


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