A day’s getaway with Jon.

Finally, a day out with hubby without the kids. The kids were ‘dumped’ at my mother-in-law’s place.

Jon has a nice massage and I have a good facial in the afternoon at Subtle Senses. It was my first time doing a diamond peel followed by a caviar treatment. Ooooo…. so pampering. Beautician said that the skin on my face is turning yellow due to the long unshed dead skin. Then asked me what do I doing for a living… Well, my answer just suited her descriptions, ‘huang lian po’. LOL

For the night, we decided to go to Aquamarine at Marina Mandarin hotel for a good buffet dinner. The place was first introduced by my sis-in-law, Jamie. The food is average, good range of seafood and local fair. They also have a sashimi counter. Dessert is the attraction with their little cakes. This time round, something new to me was the wide range of self-serving tea counter and the yummy yummy raspberry sorbet.

What can be better than a cool cup of sparkling ‘sky juice” from Aquamarine on this hot date?

 Some random shots of each other.

See how good the seafood is. Oysters – Before and After.

OOTD aka Outfit of the Day

I wore this beatiful dress from Across the Bloody Universe, aka ATBU. It’s an online blogshop by 2 gals. Their clothes are usually self-manufactured. Jon loves the dress as much as I do. So loving it that I got another piece in another colour.

Clutch is from ascentee, a corila clutch in Off White that I have ordered from their 2nd backorders. Not to forget, my Hollyhoque nude heels.

Been an avid online shoppers since I stay home. Wonder if it’s good or bad.


Before we left to pick up the kids, we decided to camwhore. Just love the effect of how the lightings from the surrounding appeared in the pictures.





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2 responses to “A day’s getaway with Jon.

  1. Hwee

    i love the dress too… so sweet. u look so demure in the dress 🙂

  2. jon

    give the dvd to him lo.. haha…

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